Rent Increase

Notice of Rent Increase (Annual General Adjustment)    

The Richmond Rent Board has determined the 2017 “Annual General Adjustment” rent increase for Controlled Rental Units is 3.4%. Effective September 1, 2017, the Maximum Allowable Rent for tenancies in effect prior to September 1, 2016, may be increased by 3.4%.

To apply the 2017 Annual General Adjustment rent increase of 3.4%, Landlords must not only comply with State law requirements, but also file a notice of rent increase with the Rent Board within two (2) business days after service on the Tenant, in accordance with the Rent Increase Procedure detailed below. Rent increases may not take effect prior to September 1, 2017.

2017 AGA Rent Increase Template: Tenant Notification of Rent Increase (2017) 

Link to Proof of Service Form: Printable Proof of Service Form

FILE A COPY OF A RENT INCREASE NOTICE AND PROOF OF SERVICE: Rent Increase Form (for Controlled Rental Units)

What if I never applied the 2016 Annual General Adjustment?

Landlords with tenancies in effect prior to September 1, 2015, who did NOT apply the 2016 Annual General Adjustment, may apply a combined 2016 & 2017 AGA rent increase of up to 6.56%, based on the rent in effect on July 21, 2015, or the first time the tenant paid rent after July 21, 2015 but before September 1, 2015. Landlords must follow the Rent Increase Procedure detailed below.

What’s the Annual General Adjustment?

The AGA is an annual rent increase adjustment allowed by the Richmond Fair Rent, Just Cause for Eviction, and Homeowner Protection Ordinance. The Annual General Adjustment is calculated based on the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index.

Rent Increase Procedure 

  1. Create and/or Sign In to your City of Richmond web account: Sign in or Create a Web Account

    You must confirm your account before you will receive any emails. You will have to confirm the account in your email if you are creating one for the first time. If you haven’t received an email shortly, please check your junk or SPAM folder. 

  2. Submit an enrollment form for each unique Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) with a rental unit(s): Richmond Rent Program Enrollment.
  3. Mail or deliver a written Tenant Notification of Rent Increase to the tenant. A sample template is available for your use; Landlords may use their own notice as long as it includes the information covered in the template. The tenant must be given at least 30 days notice (5 additional days must be added if mailed). A copy of the Richmond Rent Program Brochure must be included: Richmond Rent Program Brochure.
  4. Within two (2) business days after service on the Tenant, complete the Notification of Rent Increase 2017 Annual General Adjustment. A Proof of Service with time and date of service must be included with the notice filed with the Rent Board. Alternatively, a copy of the notice of rent increase and proof of service may be filed by mailing a hard copy to the City of Richmond Rent Program, 440 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 200, Richmond, CA 94804.

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Step 4

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All Landlords are required to file a copy of all rental increase notices, change of terms of tenancy and tenancy termination notices with the Rent Board within two (2) business days after service on the tenant (SEE STEP 4). Proof of Service with time and date of service must be included with the notice filed with the City (RMC 11.100.060(s)(1)).

Landlords may use the following template as a notice to Tenants for an Annual General Adjustment rent increase. Landlords are welcome to use their own form as long as they provide all the required information found on the template: Notice of Annual General Adjustment Rent Increase PDF Template.

Landlords are required to provide tenants with a copy of the Richmond Rent Program Brochure at the commencement of tenancy and with each notice of rent increase (RMC 11.100.060(g)). Download a copy of the brochure here: Richmond Rent Program Brochure