Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interest

Statement of Economic Interest, Form 700, is an annual report that is filed by April 1st of each year, reporting economic interest(s) for the preceding year.

New - beginning January 2016!  Form 700 Electronic Filing


New - beginning January 2016! 

Public Access Portal - View E-Filed Form 700s  

Previously filed Form 700's 

-City Council

    Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles
    Mayor Tom Butt
Ben Choi 
    Councilmember Eduardo Martinez
    Councilmember Jael Myrick
    Melvin Willis - None


-Former City Council

    Nat Bates
    Vinay Pimplé
    Gayle McLaughlin

-City Officials

   City Manager Bill Lindsay
   Finance Director Belinda Warner
   City Attorney Bruce Reed Goodmiller

-Planning Commissioners

   Nancy Baer
   Andrew Butt
   Claudia Garcia - refer to electronic system only
   Sheryl Lane 
   Marilyn Langlois
   Jenny Loy